Dental Orthodontic Debonding & Debanding Set CE

Products: Dental Orthodontic Debonding & Debanding Set CE
Joint: Box Joint Made In Stainless Steel
Available: in Mirror Finish, Stain Finish and Sand Blusted
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Dental Orthodontic Debonding & Debanding Set CE

The perfect Instrument Set for your Debonding/Debanding Appointments with 7 Instruments and an Ultra-Durable Sterilization Cassette. Set Includes: Debonding Plier, Adhesive Removing Plier, Posterior Band Removing Plier, Distal End Cutter, Adhesive Remover & Scaler, Double Ended Explorer and a Stainless Steel Mouth Mirror.

Check out the Instrument specifics below:

Debonding Plier Straight: Featuring Hard Stainless Steel Tips for longetivity and durability, these pliers allow Orthodontists to effortlessly remove all bonding attachments during debonding.

Adhesive Removing Plier: A must-have plier for your Ortho Practice, these Adhesive Removing Pliers feature an occlusal pad on one side and a Tungsten Carbide Tip insert on the other allowing you to remove any adhesive remaining after debonding, without damaging the tooth enamel.

Posterior Band Removing Plier Long Insert: Featuring a Sleek-design Long tip, these pliers provide greater leverage during usage, allowing for a more easy access to molar region and greater visibility during operation, enabling Orthodontists to remove bands with minimal effort.

Distal End Cutter Long Handle: One of our Best Selling Orthodontic Cutters, this Distal End Cutter is precisely designed for safe Intra-oral Cutting of wires. With a sleek V-shaped tip, Inserted with the Ultra-Strong Tungsten Carbide, this cutter can effortlessly cut through all wires up to 0.025″ while safely holding the loose distal end of the wire to be disposed off.

Adhesive Remover & Scaler: A versatile Double ended Instrument, featuring an Adhesive remover and a Scaler for easy clean-up of Adhesives and excess cements during Debonding.

Double Ended Explorer: These expertly crafted Double Ended Explorers feature a precisely pointed offset tip with an ultra slim profile, allowing the practioner a clear and an unobstruted view during operation.

Mouth Mirror: Your daily go to Instrument at the most affordable price across the market, these precisely built mouth mirrors feature an ultra-reflective glass allowing dental proffessionals to examine all areas of the mouth precisely with a crystal clear image.

High Quality Standards for better patient care and comfort

Get your Distal End Cutters today at Fine Edge and streamline your daily care at the most affordable prices. For additional information regarding our Instruments, feel free to reach out to one of our experts at +92 308 0009686 or email us at


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