Orthodontic Band Crimping Tweed Arch Forming Pliers

Products: Crimping Pliers Tweed Arch Forming Plier
Joint: Box Joint Made In Stainless Steel
Available: in Mirror Finish, Stain Finish and Sand Blusted
Samples: Available for test the quality before order
Customize: We can customize brand logo


Orthodontic Band Crimping Tweed Arch Forming Pliers Orthodontic Pliers produce by Fine Edge the prominent supplier of orthodontic tools made out from stainless steel.  We do professional work for Orthodontic Band Crimping Tweed Arch Forming Pliers made our from stainless steel TC insert on request follow us for your customisation and packing.

Orthodontic Band Crimping Tweed Arch Forming Pliers

“A universal general use Plier
Bends hard wire up to .039” (1.0mm) max.
Cuts hard wire up to .028” (0.7mm) max.”
We have successfully achieved this by paying attention to  your needs, hence producing  Chiropody Podiatry Instruments which are user friendly, of high standard and quality and yet reasonably good price. Having recognized the  importance of delivering exceptional products and services we have  worked together with private Chiropody Podiatry Clinic, Foot Care Specialists , Nurses ,Beauty implement Technicians,   Chiropodists & Podiatrists institutions ,Surgeons and the NHS to  provide you with a range of trusted  instruments
  • Retains Sharp Edge for Long-term
  • Inserted with Tungsten Carbide Cutting edges
  • Guaranteed from Corrosion/Breakage
  • Extended 2 year warranty coverage
  • Fully Autoclavable

High Quality Standards for better patient care and comfort

Get your Distal End Cutters today at Fine Edge and streamline your daily care at the most affordable prices. For additional information regarding our Instruments, feel free to reach out to one of our experts at +92 308 0009686 or email us at


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