Ultra Fine Clipper Scissors (Forceps Style)


Ultra Fine Clipper Scissors (Forceps Style)

Tip: Sharp
Cutting Edge: 2.5 mm
Length : 10 cm
Serrated: No
Feature: 0.1mm Blade Thickness
Alloy / Material: Stainless Steel
Tip Shape: Straight

These scissors are best suited for microscopic dissections of soft and mucous tissue such as:


  • Removing sheath of ganglia to access neurons in aplysia.
  • Cutting single nerve axons in aplysia, mollusks and snails.
  • Stripping fascia off arteries and muscles.
  • Dissecting ultra fine brain tissue.
  • Cutting minute fiber optic strands.

The minute fineness of the blades allows clear visualization of the tissue being

Part No:  15300-00
Pack Size:  1-PK
UOM:  Each
UNSPSC Code:  41122400

Please note the following information for your safety.
All surgical instruments and devices from the Fine Science Tools product range are intended exclusively for use in experimental research laboratories and facilities or in veterinary medicine. Our Customer Support is available to answer any questions you may have about the field of application and the material properties.


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